Speakers, Music 2015


9:30 – Alrie Middlebrook, California Native Garden Foundation, “Let’s get familiar with 20 California native habitat plants and 20 California native edible plants suitable for drought stricken Santa Cruz.”

10:00  - Thomas Wittman, Gophers Limited, “Vertebrate Pest Control Without Poisons

11:00 – Sarah Sutton,  ”The New American Front Yard: Kiss Your Grass Goodbye

12:00 - LeAnne Ravinale, Scotts Valley Water District, “Drought Update and Water Use Efficiency

1:00 – Michael McEvoy, Juan Acosta-Urguidi, Ph.D., QEEGT, David Biles, DDS, Cindy Bacon, Licensed Midwife, CPM, Panel Discussion of Health Topics

2:00 – Sherry Lee Bryan, Ecology Action, ”Slow it, Spread it, Sink it: Strategies to Extend our Rainfall”

3:00 – Megan Montero, “Our Relationship with the Living World: Plants, Weather and Gratitude


10:00 – Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., “This is Your Blood on Processed Food and Cell Phone Radiation

11:00 – Michael McEvoy, “Living a Healthy Lifestyle

12:00 – Toby Wingo, Manager, Farmhouse Culture: “Krauting Party” (Whole Foods will provide the cabbage. Join in, bring other vegetables, spices, cutting board, knife. Take home your own handmade sour kraut.)

1:30  - Cindy Lapore Hart, “Garden to Table” (food demo)

2:30 – Sarah Sutton, “Herbal and Healing Gardens”

3:30 – Jaime EllisonSanta Cruz Core, “How exercise and nutrition can change your life for the better!”




9:00 – 11:00 – The Great Morgani

The Great Morgani

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11:00 – 2:00 – Samba Cruz Trio, with Phil Thompson on drums 


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2:00 – 5:00 – The Mystic Truebudoors


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