The Garden Faire 2013 – Exhibitors


      • Crescent Hill Nursery: Rare and Unusual Plants
      • Gophers Limited: Traps, gopher baskets, service
      • Houses For Bats: Houses for Bats
      • Scotts Valley 4-H Club
      • Native Revival Nursery: California Native Plants
      • Vision Recycling: Compost, Mulch, Wood Chips, Soil Amendment
      • Knox Garden Box: Waist high garden boxes in various sizes
      • City of Scotts Valley Public Works: Stormwater Outreach “Only Rain Down the Drain”   Activities and Information for the Whole Family! Learn about ways to protect our oceans, creeks, and watersheds.
      • Pfister’s Perennials: Perennials, Succulents, Plant Arrangements, & Japanese Maples
      • Ecolgical Landscaping Association California: “The Future of Water”:  Native & Drought tolerant plant garden, greywater systems, rain water cistern & rain barrels, toilet & washing machine supplied with rain water from cisterns,  native grass lawn, water conservation professionals available for consultation: docents from Central Coast Greywater Alliance, California Native Plant Society, ELA, Delta Blue Grass, Central Coast Wild, landscape architect, and more
        • Rain Barrel Give Away
        • Free Ocean & River Friendly Water Conservation Booklets
        • 100 Greywater Challenge sign-ups
      •  Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Seedlings
      • Farm Fuel Inc:  Mustard seed biodiesel, organic soil amendments, alternatives to chemical fumigants & more. Sustainable solutions on the farm, in the garden, and in our community.
      • Terra Sole Nurseries  Unusual plants, succulents, and mixed containers
      • Monterey Bay Iris Society  Iris culture information and iris rhizomes for sale
      • Robin’s Keep:  Mosaic bird baths, stepping stones, statuary, shell flower pots, shell statuary, plaques, tables, chairs, and more
      • Bushman Rainwater Harvesting:  Large supply of tanks for the collection and safe storage of untreated rainwater. Ideal in times of water restriction
      • Accent Landscape & Masonry -  Brent Campanolo
      • Sustainable Water Coalition of Santa Cruz County
      • Allterra Solar ~  Offering Free Solar Assessments
      • Healing Spirit Plants: Medicinal plants, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Native American, Latin American, Sacred and Smudging, Aromatic and Dye
      • Imagination by Francesca: Face Painting
      • Soil Solutions Organic Garden Supply Center: Organic products to help Urban gardeners grow healthy vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Beyond organic-combining organic fertilizers with soil science working with nature.
      • The Grateful Garden: Sustainable backyard beekeeping workshops training, and supplies.
      • Santa Cruz Community Food Forest Project and Food Forests for a Future: Community revival through healthy living landscapes
      • The Homeless Garden Project: 3-acre organic farm & related enterprises provide job training, transitional employment, & support services to people who are homeless. HGP’s vibrant education & volunteer program for the broad community blends formal, experiential & service-learning.
      • Project Purr: We place fully vetted unsocial cats in outdoor homes, where they create a peaceful balance by providing natural rodent control without using harmful poisons.
      • Barn Shop Woodworks: Handcrafted redwood furniture and garden products
      • The Stump King: Stump Removal Service, Stump Grinding, Tree Contractor; Tree Removal, Root Ball & Roots Removal;  Landscaping ~ Bay Area Trees, San Jose, Santa Cruz
      • Stewart Construction Services: Landscape, water ponds & features, artistic stone cutting 831-227-5903
      • Cherie Bobbe Landscape Design
      • Central Home Supply:  Pavers, Stone, Construction Hardware, Rock Sand, Mulch, Bricks, Blocks, & much more…
      • Monterey Bay Master Gardeners: All-volunteer organization dedicated to education of home gardeners on science-based horticulture. Affiliated with University of California Master Gardener Program.
      • Love’s Gardens:  Designing, building, and maintaining water neutral gardens
      • Santa Cruz Bats: Santa Cruz Bats:  All-volunteer organization devoted to rescuing bats, educating the public about bats and advocating for the protection of bats
      • Beth Young Garden Design: Specializing in residential projects, we offer the gamut of landscape design services, from simple consultations to full sets of construction drawings. These construction drawings can be used by you, the homeowner, to install over a period of time, or you can hand it to a contractor–or contractors–to do it all at once.
      • Penny Mclaughlin: Physical Therapist using a PRRT  technic ( Primal Reflex Relief Technic )
      • Weston A. Price Foundation: Dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism. We support a number of movements that contribute to this objective, including accurate nutrition instruction, organic and biodynamic farming, pasture-feeding of livestock, community-supported farms, honest and informative labeling, prepared parenting and nurturing therapies.
      • Farm Fresh To You: Display of produce to promote our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program of delivering organic produce fresh from the farm to your doorstep.
      • Solar Technologies: Solar Power Systems. Local solar company since 1998, serving the residential, commercial and agricultural needs of the community.
      • The Truth Uncovered: Examples of food additives, harmful chemicals that are in our everyday products, and alternative productives that do not harm our body or the planet.
      • Santa Cruz Community Food Forest: A community project to establish a public foodshed garden in Santa Cruz County.
      • The Grateful Garden: Sustainable, top-bar beekeeping supplies, workshops, and training.
      • Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping: Landscape design, installation and maintenance.
      • Insect News Network
      • Whole Foods Market: Green cleaning with Eco-Scale rated products.
      • Blue Moon Bees
      • Elizabeth Van Buren Essential Oils
      • College of Botanical Healing Arts: College curriculum, workshops, books.


In the Recreation Building:

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