Speakers, Music 2016

Main Tent

10:00 – Alrie Middlebrook: “Rethinking the Urban Landscape:
Are you ready to protect biodiversity, sequester carbon
and build an agrihood?”

11:00 Jacqueline Amar Sakai — “Traditional Native American Ecology”

12:00 Krisztina Farkas – “Cultivating the Human Ecology:
4 Keys to a Healthy, Thriving Relationship”

1:00 David Blume – “Cultivating an Agroecology”

2:00 Lawrence Ray – “Integrative Ecology”

3:00 Panel Discussion — “Cultivating an Eco-culture” 

Project Pollinator Tent #1

10:00 Jaimi Jansen, Santa Cruz Core — “Integrative Wellness”

11:00 Pat Malo, Cannabis Advocates Alliance — “Protecting Patients and Sustainable Cultivation”

12:00 Paul Damon, Holistic Veterans — “Nurturing Veterans in the Community”

1:00 Jacqueline Sakai, Zen Medical Therapy Institute — “Family Empowered Summer Makeovers”

2:00 Dru Glover, Project Pollinate — Positive Pollination & Bee City 2016”

Project Pollinate – Tent 2

12:30 Marcia Hughes — “Connecting With Spirits of Plants”

1:30 Megan Montero — “Santa Cruz Rain Ceremony”

2:30 Kelly Dearie  — “The Microbiome Makeover”

Nutrition Tent

10:00 “Healthy Recipe Ideas Using Kale” (food demo) Cindy Lapore Hart

11:00 “Krauting Party” Unique hands-on opportunity to create sauerkraut.The Garden Faire will provide cabbage to chop and jars to fill and take home.

12:30 “Food Trade
Cultivating a Neighborhood Food Trade, a bartering system

1:30 Craig Lane – “Cultivating Your Body’s Inner System”

2:30 Tamara Wilder — “Edible Natives”

3:30 “Blossom’s Pharmacy: Healing with the Plant World”  Carin Fortin


9:00 Hare Ballav

10:00 True Fiction

12:30 Samba Cruz Trio

2:30 Mystic Trubudoors

4:30 Santa Cruz Cypher Sessions (Hip-Hop)

6:00 Free Yoga by Divinitree (at the main tent)

7:00 The Devotional Music of India with Deerheart and Living Devotion

9:00 Meditation with Crystal Bowls with Kim Molloy